Kitchen exhaust air treatment at unparalleled levels

4 step air treatment in one compact unit

  • Washable pre and fine filter (no replacement filters)
  • Gradual increase of pressure drop during operation
  • High efficient EC plug fans

Step 1 – Pre-filtering

Combination of a metal filter G2 and a 30 ppi foam filter. The combination of metal and foam filter with its large filter area is used to filter large quantities of oil and grease and coarse particles out of the air. Fully washable.

Step 2 – Fine filtering

FEL System. Electro static filter with special capture blades for oily and greasy air, vapours and mist. The open bottom allows the oil/grease residue collected to drain into a purpose made drain tray. For filtering smallest oil and grease aerosols and small solid particles (less than 1 µm).

Step 3 – Disinfection

Ionisation and ozone generation. A combination of ionisation and ozone generation eliminates all organic residuals by generating an electrostatic charge and oxidation.

Step 4 – Deodorisation

Active carbon filter. The last step with an active carbon filter finally removes bad odours out of the air.

Kitchen exhaust air is highly polluted, carrying dozens of types of odours, oil and grease particles. This makes the treatment of such air extremely challenging and difficult.

With multiKAFT it’s possible!

multiKAFT System. The answer to all your exhaust air concerns

  • Cost-saving and efficient operation
  • Equipped with modern technologies
  • Flexible in shape, features and appearance

This four-step air filter and treatment system filters, disinfects and deodorises the exhaust air with each step.

The result is exhaust air which can be safely released outdoors without contaminants.