multiCENT 3therm

Reversible chiller/ heat pump. The new generation of self-regulating
Air Handling Units.

Features and Benefits

  • AHU with integrated 3-coil reversible heat pump/chiller unit
  • No defrosting necessary
  • Complete independent operation
  • Heating/cooling load fully modulated
  • Air flow rate control (constant air flow rate or constant diff. pressure)
  • 3rd generation Danfoss VZH inverter scroll compressors
  • Integrated controls in weatherproof enclosure complete with bespoke software solutions for accurate control of cooling & heating output to meet varying building thermal demands (Option: remote access and monitoring via web platform)

How it works

Summer mode

  • The coil in the supply air unit operates as evaporator (2)
  • The heat recovery system (3) is cooling down the outside air with colder air from inside the building
  • The coil in the exhaust air unit is the condenser (6)

Winter mode

  • The coil in the supply air unit operates as condenser (2)
  • The coil in the extract unit is the evaporator (1)
  • The heat recovery system (3) transfers the remaining heat from the extract air to the outside air

The units can be equipped with additional components to suit a wide range of applications.