High quality air conditioning units for special industrial applications in the food industry.

Cooling units and conditioning units for production lines in bakery and confectionery industry. These units are designed to regulate the temperature of double casing containers and pipes in the confectionery industry (in particular cream containers and pipes) with circulating process water.

The instrument is fully assembled in the factory to the relevant standards and is inspected before delivery to strict quality assurance standards. It consists of the following main parts:

  • Frames and casing made of stainless steel
  • Integrated cooling system or refrigeration section
  • Special groups of faucets or plate heat exchanger
  • Microprocessor control system

Air volume: up to 11000 m3/h
Cooling capacity: up to 45 kW
Heating capacity HR+El: up to 36 kW
Humidifier capacity: up to 25 kg/h
Further data: on request