In the critical zones of operating theaters, especially for intensive care and isolation of patients, the intake of contaminated air must be avoided in order to protect the patient. Furthermore pleasant working conditions for the medical team are essential to secure its optimum efficiency.

To achieve this goal, we provide complete systems for hygienic components, as to comply in all respect with the norms and standards (DIN 1946 sheet 4, ÖNORM H 6020, Fed.Std. 209, VDI 2083).

  • OT Supply-ceiling with supporting flow outlets – clean air JET–OPS
  • OT Supply-laminar flow ceiling – clean air LAM–OPL
  • OT Supply-laminar flow ceiling – clean air FLOW–CAV
  • OT Supply-laminar flow ceiling with exhaust unit – clean air MAX–OPLF
  • OT Hygienic outlet – clean air HYG–HA
  • OT Exhaust air fluff separator – clean air EXH–OPFA

All components are made of stainless steel, easy to clean and resistant against disinfectants.


The major objectives of room air technology in operating theatres are:

  • Screening of the operating zone and other neighboring sterile areas against bacteriological and gaseous contaminations
  • Generation of a comfort climate for the operating team and the patient
  • Guarantee the required air flow between the rooms
  • Air contamination will be removed from the critical operating zone and from the entire operating area

Low-turbulence, homogeny displacement air flow

The ventilation system OPL generates a stable, low-turbulence displacement air flow (“laminar flow“) in the area of the operation slab. This system prevents contamination with room-air. A variant in design is the Octaeder-/round form.

Laminar-flow displacement air flow with integrated exhaust unit

A system for operating theatres with special high demands of hygiene and germ poverty. A stable “laminar” air flow protects the OT-Area and provides a continuous flow around the OT-Table, team and patient. Fresh air will be mixed with OT-Return air and conditioned in a separate air handling unit. The return is sucked from the OT through grilles.

Low-turbulence displacement air flow with displacement area

The ceiling with supporting air stream generates a stable, low turbulence and draught-free displacement air flow. The stabilizing action of the supporting streams attains a wide active area, mostly with downward movement of supply air, and safely covers the operating slab, the operating team and the instrument carrier.

Turbulent mixed-airing

An air distribution-system, which operates according to low-turbulence induction principle. Designed for OT-rooms with low-limited room-height or special-roofing, in which no other OT suspended ceiling air-distribution system can be used. The hygienic-outlet can be used for OT-associated-adjoining rooms, as well.

Exhaust air fluff-separator

By the use of OT linen and clothes, fluffs are generated. This is critical in OT rooms and for the connected air conditioning systems. By using fluff-grilles with removable stainless steel mesh, the contamination of exhaust and supply air will be avoided.

Low-turbulence, laminar displacement air flow

A large ceiling system for operating theatres, which ensures aseptic environment and allows any operating table positioning.