Hygienic Air Filtering
and AHU control system.
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multiKAFT System

exhaust air
treatment at
unparalleled levels

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multiCENT 3therm

chiller/heat pump.

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multiCENT Compact

Compact Air Handling Units

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Enthalpy Recovery with

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multiCENT Type TW

Central Station Air Handling Unit






Hospitals are very complex areas, where indoor air plays an essential role and where attention to hygiene matters is maximum. To provide the best indoor air quality (IAQ) it is fundamental to rely on air handling systems ensuring temperature and humidity control, clean operation, quiet running and maximum reliability.


In process cooling applications it is very important to keep temperature and climate parameters under control. In such installations, reliability, efficiency and ease of maintenance of the air treatment system are also fundamental to optimize the productions process and to reduce energy consumption of the entire plant.


Indoor air quality contributes to the human well-being and is a key factor in residential buildings. Temperature and humidity control, reliability and low energy consumption are all essential elements that air systems should ensure to provide the maximum comfort and the highest energy efficiency.

Our specialization

At Clima Tech, we specialize in the design and manufacture of ventilation and air handling units as well as in high qualified components related to human climate, hygienic, clean room and pharmaceutical applications.

  • Assistance

    We provide full assistance to our customers, from the consulting and design phase to the after-sales support.

  • Customization

    Each unit can be customized to adapt to clients’ specific requirements. This capability provides the best overall total value based upon life expectancy, functionality, energy efficiency and service ability.


    Knowledge, technical expertise and commitment have been the basis of our work for more than 50 years.


    To provide the highest quality products, we choose only high quality components by supplier who abide by the most severe quality standards and requirements.


    From standard AHUs to hygienic versions for hospitals, from ventilation units to OT ceilings and clean room components, we can provide the best solution for all air-conditioning requirements.


    Frames are designed and manufactured to make it possible to disassemble and reassemble units so that they can be installed on new sites or replace existing units also where access is difficult.

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