Special arrangements in the clean room area are needed to ensure constant production and quality conditions as well as the protection of products against environmental influences.

Our product range covers complete systems and clean room components to comply in all respect with the related norms and standards (DIN 1946 sheet 4, ÖNORM H 6020, Fed.Std. 209, VDI 2083).

  • HEPA-filter ceiling and wall diffusers – clean air SUP–SFD/SFW
    This system is designed for particular free and low-germs air distribution into clean-room and hygienic area. Due to application different versions of outlet designs and types can be offered by us.


The HEPA-filter ceiling diffuser and the HEPA-filter wall diffuser are needed for filtration of:

  • Particles
  • Bactaries
  • Viruses

Where purity of air is of crucial importance, such as for:

  • Hospitals (OT-room, intensive cares, etc)
  • Sterile-bacteriological laboratories
  • Nuclear plants

and for the production of parts in:

  • Electronics
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical and food industry

HEPA-filter ceiling and wall diffusers

These systems are designed for particle free and low-germ air distribution into clean-rooms and hygienic areas. According to necessity we can offer different versions of outlet design and type.