The innovative Air Handling Unit Selection Software

ClimCalc supports and improves your day-to-day work in:

  • Design
  • Project management
  • Calculation

ClimCalc will configure and calculate, within a very short period, the air handling unit equipment you require. If any data you submit does not correspond with the various certification standards and norms, ClimCalc will reject it. ClimCalc is thus able to give you the security of a planning procedure that is correct in every respect. One click on „Complete“ and ClimCalc will work out the best price for your application using optimum technical systems.

ClimCalc will automatically create material requirements and itemized equipment lists. In addition, you will receive technical data, hx-diagrams, acoustic curves and fan characteristics with operating point.

Scale CAD printouts of the required configuration from every angle and AutoCAD-compatible DWG and DXF files are supplied as a matter of course.

Interfaces with NC machinery and sheet metal processing centres ensure error free production of the necessary parts. ClimCalc thus helps you to keep equipment delivery dates to a minimum. ClimCalc is a product of the Aircalc++ family and by this in a position to reap the benefit of over 20 years of experience in programming and project management for air handling units.

You instantly get these results:

  • Specification in Word-format
  • Technical unit data, as print and convertible into PDF-format
  • and unit dimension
  • Unit sketch scaled, convertible and compatible to AutoCad

STEP 1 – Unit selection editor_ Feed in your technical data, per selected module for unit calculation

STEP 2 – Unit layout editor_Design your unit by drag&drop of module icons

STEP 3 – Data entry_Feed in your technical data, per selected module for unit calculation

STEP 4 – Result/Print_Easily you are getting prints of: technical data, unit sketch (print) and prices

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