Office and Bank Building

Air cooling and heating system


Total air volume: 295200 m3/h

  • Supply air handling units with thermal break profiles
  • The air is conveyed with plug fan-wall with 8 fans per unit
  • The units have been constructed as modular boxes which allowed the transport through the building to plant rooms

During the last H&V News Awards the award for “Building Services Project of the Year 2016” was won by the Canary Wharf replacement project, developed by our partner Cool-Therm and where Geoclima and Clima-Tech units are installed.

The project was about the replacement of the existing fresh air cooling and heating system in one of London’s iconic buildings. The new system is based on six Clima Tech AHUs linked to six Geoclima water-to-air heat pumps, for a total heating capacity of 2.34 MW and total cooling capacity of 2.12 MW. The main strength of this project consists in reducing energy costs and carbon emissions while increasing total capacity by 25%.

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