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Where is the unit going to be situated? Indoors (technical room) or outdoors (roof)?
Which duties are requested to be done by the unit?
Which sorts of ventilation should the unit do?
Should the unit be able to recirculate air from the extract to the supply side?
Should the unit have an energy recovery system ERS ? If yes, which form?
Which type of fans shall be used?
Which type of cooling coil shall be used?
Which type of heating coil shall be used?
What type of humidifier shall be used?
Which types of filters shall be used?
Which accesories shall be provided with the unit?
Are there any special materials wanted for the AHU´s Casing?
Should the unit be pre wired by factory?
Should the unit have a built in chiller or heat pump?
Should the unit have built in controls?
Should the unit be explosion proof? (ATEX)
Are there any limitations on the size of the unit?
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